Christmas in the Country

Event Center on the Fairgrounds, Hamburg, NY
Thursday, Nov 1st, 10AM- 9PM
Friday, Nov 2nd, 10AM- 9PM
Saturday, Nov 3rd, 9AM – 6PM
Sunday, Nov 4th, 10AM – 4PM
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Bath and Bliss by Keri Colleary Event Center W14,15

Bath & Bliss—Raising the Bar.Bath & Bliss is “raising the bar” in natural soaps, lotions and scrubs. Bath & Bliss was created to provide customers with the highest quality, natural skin care products on the market. More than a decade ago, Bath & Bliss began creating and selling, natural Olive Oil Soaps to discerning customers across the region. Since then, our three-generation family business has evolved to meet the needs of both natural product lovers and beauty aficionados across the country by offering Olive Oil Soaps, Natural Lotions & Olive Oil Sugar Scrubs.Handcrafted from the heart Unlike the mass-market bath and body products you’ll find at your local mall or drugstore, Bath & Bliss Soap Company continues to handcraft our natural olive oil skin care products in the Larkin Center of Commerce located in downtown Buffalo. And our family continues to be involved in every facet of the business, which allows Bath & Bliss to provide you with that personal touch you won’t find anywhere else. After all, we don’t just make soap. We handcraft every product to create an experience of the mind, body and spirit. @bath_blissFB: @bathandbliss