Christmas in the Country

Event Center on the Fairgrounds, Hamburg, NY
Thursday, Nov 1st, 10AM- 9PM
Friday, Nov 2nd, 10AM- 9PM
Saturday, Nov 3rd, 9AM – 6PM
Sunday, Nov 4th, 10AM – 4PM
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St Johnsbury & Soyganics Candles by Todd & Victoria Bray Event Center F83,85

Making a quality candle is “all in the details.” Everyone here at SJ Perfect Scents takes particular pride in their careful attention to detail from pouring to packing and invoicing, everyone cares about the quality of your candles. We hand pour all of our candles, produce quality fragrances that “smell so real you can’t tell the difference from the real thing™!”, and we hand pack all of our shipments. It’s the personal touch that makes the difference. Our customers appreciate quality and our business is dedicated to giving you the best in quality and customer care.

Event Center F83,85