Over 10 years ago, I began contemplating the idea of starting a small business to sell spices and mixes. It was the perfect opportunity to pass along some of my recipes that help enhance the flavor of foods. Besides the passing of old family recipes, I also enjoy creating new ideas every day. Today, that contemplation has become a reality. My family and I love to share our creations at farmer’s markets, craft shows, county fairs, and the Broadway Market among other great events around the Buffalo, NY area! It is a dream come true to see the customers at my booth enjoying themselves as they shop and sharing recipes with each other. It is now time to expand my business online and allow customers from all over to shop the great products we have to offer! We offer more than what is listed here on the website. For custom mixes, larger quantities, or special orders please email me directly at maferrer@roadrunner.com or give me a call, (716)310-2321. I look forward to being able to deliver the best quality possible. ~Milly