Kimberley Jade Artist Statement

I would like to take a few minutes of your time and introduce myself. My name is Kimberley Jade, named after the “Kimberley” Diamond Mines in South Africa and the mineral “Jade”. I grew up in a family of mineral lovers, being raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My father is a past president of the Mineralogical Society of Pennsylvania and a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College with a degree in Geology. Many weekends were spent in mine dumps, quarries, caves, and at mineral club meetings and events. I’ve been a “pebble pup” ever since I was old enough to walk! In 2018 we had four generations enjoying the adventures of mineral collecting in Canada!

My parents, although they can no longer enjoy this activity themselves since they are now in their 80’s, have passed on the love for gemstones and minerals to their grandchildren and great grandchildren! I had the opportunity this past year to help my dad at a gem show in Canada. These minerals were collected in the 1950’s and 1960’s and are true pieces of history! My love of creating jewelry began as a young teenager and has evolved into a full time profession for more than twenty-eight years. It is now a family business with my husband helping me with the Wired Out of Hand Collection and my son in the apprentice stage. I strive to design pieces that are fashion forward while still maintaining that classic yet contemporary feel, and almost always multi-functional in appeal. I work within four themes: the Wired Out of Hand Jewelry Collection is a fun, everyday chic look combining gemstones, metals and sometimes leather. The Refining Fire Collection is a rustic yet elegant design with a Judea-Christian theme. The Celebrate Life Jewelry Collection was inspired through a dream. Lets Celebrate Collection is a special occasion or wedding line with many one of a kind and limited edition pieces, express your fun and playful self everyday! We strive to create each collection with the finest materials available, conveying the passion behind each and every piece. Express you voice through accessories! JUST OPENED!… “Wire to Fire Artisans” offers over 30 artisan treasures for you shopping pleasure… stop by Lancaster County, PA newest shop at Wire To Fire Artisans, 11 East Main Street, Strasburg, PA to see for yourself the difference in quality a handcrafted items makes. These are Heirloom creations strait from the heart and hands of North American artisans. Jewelry, pottery, woodwork, home goods, etc.

From my heart to yours… Kimberley Jade …

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11 East Main Street, Strasburg, PA 17579 T: 717-288-2474