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Kimberley Jade presents Wire to Fire Artisan Jewelry

by Kimberley Jade

I would like to take a few minutes of your time and introduce the artist behind the Wire to Fire
Artisan Jewelry Collection. My name is Kimberley Jade, named after the “Kimberley” Diamond
Mines in South Africa and the mineral “Jade”. I grew up in a family of mineral lovers, being
raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My dad is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall
College in Lancaster, PA with a degree in Geology. He was also very active in the Pennsylvania
Mineralogical Society so many weekends were spend in mine dumps, quarries, caves and at
mineral club meetings and events.
As my dad states, I’ve been a “pebble pup” ever since I was old enough to walk!
We recently returned from our latest adventure which took place in Bancroft, Ontario Canada
where we introduced our grandchildren to the hobby of mineral collecting. Four generations
enjoyed this mineral collecting experience. My dad has collected gemstones and minerals in
Bancroft since the 50’s and 60’s in locations that no longer exist due to “progress”! The local
Bancroft Mineral Museum purchased most of what my dad took along to “show off”. My
daughter un-earthed a rare earth crystal at a local mine that was so highly radio-active when
tested with a geiger counter the needle went off the scale! Needless to say, we did not bring that
one home with us! What a joy it was to see the excitement and fun my grandchildren expressed.
We will see what new adventures we can partake in the next time we visit there. My love of
creating jewelry began as a hobby when I was just a teenager. This love has evolved into a full
time profession since 1993.
It is a family affair with my husband helping me with certain jewelry creations and my parents
occasionally showing up at a show to help to “romance the stones.”
I am a self taught artisan who strives to design pieces that are fashion forward while still
maintaining that classic yet contemporary feel, and in some cases, multi-functional in appeal. I
work with two themes: The Wired Out of Hand Collection which is a fun, everyday jewelry line
which combining gemstones, metals and sometimes leather. The second collection, which has
it’s own website, is called Refining Fire Jewelry and has a Judea-Christian theme with
messages accompanying each piece. These messages convey a deeper meaning that its’
outward beauty. These ideas were inspired in my “quiet time” with the Lord. Although I am selftaught
I have taken classes over the years in different jewelry techniques. Incorporating these
techniques into these jewelry pieces gives this business a constant influx of ideas creating,
evolving and transforming the pieces into unique fashion forward designs. We strive to create
these exquisite pieces of jewelry using the finest materials available, conveying the passion
behind each and every collection.
I strive to enhance a customer’s personal style by creating accessories that express who they
are. We hope that you enjoy wearing these jewelry pieces as much as we enjoy creating them!

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