Christmas in the Country

Event Center on the Fairgrounds, Hamburg, NY
Thursday, Nov 7th, 10AM- 9PM
Friday, Nov 8th, 10AM- 9PM
Saturday, Nov 9th, 9AM – 6PM
Sunday, Nov 10th, 10AM – 4PM
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*2019 Artisans Coming Soon….

2018 Christmas in the Country Hamburg Artisans

Company Building Booth Location
#9’s Polish Designs Event Center F21
@Rusterior Marketplace F4
1801 Handcrafted Event Center F124
3 Sisters and a Friend Event Center W11,12
32 Degrees Hats Expo Hall W12
A Mouse in the House Event Center W49
All Put Together Event Center F39
Alpine Made Grange F7
American Doll Boutique Marketplace W15
Andrews Farms Basket Barn Grange W26,27
Annadele Alpacas Grange F18,19
Another Just Plain Country Event Center F149
Antler and Wood Creations Event Center F49,51
Applegrove Farm Tavern
Apryle’s House Expo Hall F12
Art For Us Studio Event Center W30
Artistic Collage Event Center F106
Artt From the Farm, LLC Event Center F108,110
As the Crow Flies Expo Hall W27
Aspen Meadow Angels Event Center F89,90
Au Gres Sheep Factory Event Center F15,17
Audrey L. Maurer Custom Designed Crafts Marketplace F24
B & G Woodworking Event Center F77
Back to Classic Designs Event Center W13
Bakery Belles Event Center W43
Barbara Palmer Folk Art Press Event Center F45,47
Bath & Bliss Event Center W14,15
Bayside Wood Products, Inc. Grange W5
Beads by Susan Event Center F72
Best Friends Frames Event Center F116
BFLOrefind Event Center F58
Bimber Enterprises Event Center F4
Birds Birdhouses Grange F18
Bittersweet Herb Farm Event Center F61,63
Black Button Distilling Tavern
Blackbird Sweets Event Center F83
Blossoms N Treasures Event Center W6
Blue Rooster Expo Hall W6,7
Blue Toucan Studios Grange F2
Bluff Point Folk Art Expo Hall W2
Bob Weaver Art Attack Expo Hall W19
Bo’s Bones Gourmet Organic Dog Biscuits Grange W22
Boutique by G Expo Hall F4
Bovano of Cheshire Event Center F18
Bows & Bands by JC Marketplace F3
Braddock Bay Gallery Event Center F24,26
Braided Art Event Center F76
Branson’s Designs Marketplace W26
Brenda’s Botique Grange F9,10,11
Brian D. Payne Studio Grange F3
Brickyard Brewing Company Tavern
Brown Stone Studio Event Center F75
BR’s Artwear Inc. Marketplace W24
Buckeye Chocolate Company Event Center F141,143
Buntastic Hair Event Center W41
Buttermilk Hill Grange F12
Candle Box Co. Grange F6
Canterbury Creations Event Center F41,43
Carrie Fertig Event Center F92
Casa de Jorge Salsa Marketplace F20
Chatterwalls LLC Grange F15
Cheryl Stevens Studio Event Center F50
Chester P. Basil’s Wooden Spoons Event Center F70
Chime Maker Event Center W42
Christy’s Crafts Grange W28,29
Cindy Bella Designs Marketplace F6
Cinnamon Treasures Event Center W4
Clara’s Collars Marketplace W1,2
Cogue Creations Expo Hall W10,11
College View Crafts Expo Hall F14,15
Corry Enterprises Marketplace W5
Country Comfort Marketplace W11
Country Coon Graphics Event Center F137,139
Country Creations Marketplace W12,13,14
Country Pick’ns Event Center W1,2
Country Stuffins Event Center F119
Country, Lace & Ribbon Event Center W31
Crafts By Nicki Event Center F12
Crafts R Us Expo Hall W24,25
Cranky Cat Collection Event Center F73
Crazyartgrrl Jewelry Marketplace W9
Creative Images Expo Hall F13
Curious Cookies Grange W4
Custom Garden Rocks Grange W21
Custom Mat Design Event Center F84
Cynfulbliss Tavern
Dave Alger Cutting Boards Marketplace F16
Dave’s Coffee Cakes Marketplace F14,15
Daves Woodcraft Event Center F140
Dawn & Di’s Crafts Expo Hall W17,18
Deb’s Delights, Inc. Event Center W45
DeeDee Desserts Event Center W24
Delish Glass LLC Event Center F69,71
Design a Tea Event Center F117
Designs by Di Blankets Marketplace W27
Designs by Janik Marketplace F21
Designs With Heart LLC Event Center W7,8
Diane McDowell Event Center F113
Diane Wilson Porcelain Jewelry Event Center F64
Dibble’s Dabbles Event Center F125
Dog House Quilts Expo Hall W13,14
Dollightful Event Center F66
Donna’s Embroidery Designs Event Center F80,82
Doro Studios Marketplace F8
Dream Chasers Stained Glass Event Center F38
Drift Rock Bay Expo Hall W15
Durham Leather Studio Event Center W36
Earring Holder Gallery Expo Hall F19
Easy Scarves Event Center F78
Ella Rae Bowtique Event Center F127
Especially for You Grange W12
Essence Pottery Event Center F118
Fanatic Frames Marketplace W18,19
Fancy Feets Event Center F134,136
Fashion Stitch Event Center F121,123
Feathers, Fins & Fur, Inc. Expo Hall W31
For Your Pets Only Event Center F87,89
Frameworks Marketplace F10,11
Framing on Stone Expo Hall F17,18
Francis Metal Works Marketplace F19
Franklins Honey & Apples Event Center W44
Functional Art for Kids Grange W25
Fuzzies Event Center F79,81
Gardner’s Wisconsin Cheese & Sausage Tavern
Gaussa’s Celestial Creations Event Center F151
Girls are Us Event Center F3
Glasswork Event Center F103
Glimmerglass Stained Glass Grange F16
God’s Country Creamery Marketplace F7
Grape Country Candles Event Center F111
Grape Country Soaps Event Center F28
Hair Wear Originals Expo Hall F16
Hand Painted Denim Event Center F105
Hands & Paws Cookies & Treats Inc. Event Center F35
Hanson’s Original Kettle Korn Marketplace OUTSIDE
Heart of Franklinville Event Center F115
Heart To Heart Expo Hall F1
Heirloom Toys Event Center F30
Heirlooms and Treasures Event Center F10
Heirlooms and Treasures Event Center F8
Heirlooms Gallery Event Center F67
Helmuts Austrian Strudel Event Center W34,35
Heritage Handcrafts Grange W7
Hilburger Studios Event Center F135
Holiday Confections Grange F8
Honeygirl Ornaments Event Center F74
Horners Pens Event Center W16
Hunterdon Wood Stools LLC Expo Hall W16
Identity Engravers Event Center F130
Impact Laser Creations LLC Marketplace F2
It’s A Bling Thing Grange W9,10
Jack Paluh Arts Inc. Event Center W28,29
Jai Originals Event Center W5
Jalin of Vermont Event Center F27
JB Gifts Grange W1,2
Jen’s Magnetic Connection Event Center F91,94
jf.vintage Event Center F29
Jodan’s Santas & Santa Plates Event Center F19
Just Beachy Marketplace F12
Karen’s Krafts Event Center F20
Kate Laine Jewelry Event Center F148
Kays Keywest Bottle Art Event Center F6
Keepsakes by Shirley Event Center F98
Keystone Steel Co. Expo Hall W21
Kim O’Sullivan Jewelry Artisan Event Center F42
Kitch Studios Event Center W17,18
Kontrodesign, LLC dba Retro Buffalo Grange W3
K’s Glassy Kreations Event Center F97
Lakeland Winery Tavern
Lamps by Lynne Event Center F25,26
Lesley’s Personal Touch Crafts Expo Hall W20
Little Pine Creek Potpourri Expo Hall F9
lolo doll Event Center F11
Loon Hollow Farms Event Center F150
Love That Chalkboard Co. Expo Hall W3
Lucy’s Toys Event Center W32,33
Lukacs Pottery Event Center F86
Lynnwood Pottery Event Center F37
M & M Pottery Grange F13
Mama Juana Tavern
Merritt Estate Winery Tavern
Messy Room Creations Marketplace W25
Michael Smith Graphics Event Center F137,138
Michigan Made Metal Event Center F34
Mistletoe Memories Expo Hall W1
Monumental Photography Event Center F68
Moonlight Garden Floral Design Grange F5
Moore’s Maple Grange W15,16
Mosaic Mitzi Event Center F52
Mountain Momma Organics Marketplace W4
Muddy Mary’s Gourmet Inc. Event Center F14
Mundo Images, LLC Event Center F23
My Buffalo Shirt  Event Center F122
My Country Home Grange W17
Name Me Company Event Center F100,102
Nando’s Italian Pizzelle Event Center W37
Natalie Rae NY Marketplace F22
Nature’s Kanvas Event Center W20
Natures Words Event Center W39,40
Niagara Handmade Event Center F88
Night Light Designs Event Center F62
North Pole Shelf Elf Event Center F47,48
Oak Crafts Inc. Event Center F107,109
Otterwear Originals Event Center F60
Out of our Gourds Grange W13,14
Out of the Blue Event Center F93
Outdoor Warehouse Marketplace F23
Park Edge Sweet Shoppe Event Center F95
Pat DeBrine Event Center F112,114
Patent Artwork Event Center F46
Patty Cancilla Art Event Center W47
Perfect Treasures Event Center W38
Piche Design – All Custom Creations Event Center W22,23
Pickle Annie’s Event Center F96
Pine Grove Personal Paintings Expo Hall F8
Pinecone Naturals Event Center F57
Pistachio Potter Event Center F145,147
Plantables and Paper Event Center W48
Pottery Plus Expo Hall W9
Predmore Creations Event Center F16
Puzzles by Dave Event Center F44
Rag Trader Vintage Event Center F120
Recycled Felted Woolen Wear Expo Hall W4
Red House Art Studio Event Center F59
Reewesing Marketplace F17
Richard Kelly Screen Printing Expo Hall W26
Riverwood Treenware Marketplace W3
Rocks, Minerals and More Marketplace W8
Roland Metal Art Expo Hall W29,30
Romance Lights Event Center F142,144
Ron & Frank’s Expo Hall W22,23
Rosie Furniture & Lighting Event Center F22
RWL Enterprises Event Center F133
Saltbox Designs Grange F4
Sarah Elizabeth & Emily Jo Collection Expo Hall W28
Shabby Chic Boutique Event Center F31,33
Shirkwurks Event Center W52,53
Sid Sharples Designs Event Center F104
Silverware Creations Event Center F5
Simple Home Inspirations Event Center F36
Simply Gifts Family Inc. Expo Hall F6,7
Sizov Copper Art Event Center F128
SMFX Event Center W9,10
Southwest Expressions Marketplace F18
Spices & Mixes by Milly Event Center F53,55,56
St. Johnsbury Candles Event Center F129,131
St. Lawrence Spirits Tavern
Stahlman Slate Co. Event Center F132
Sticks and Stones Grange F1
Stone Silo Foods, Inc. Event Center W46
Studs and Stuff Expo Hall F21,22
Subtle Verse Event Center F32
Sue & Sherri’s Country Collectibles Marketplace W16,17
Summer Snow Marketplace W20,21
Sweet Heart Suri Alpacas Event Center F126
Switch It Event Center F152
Ten Thousand Vines Winery Tavern
Tender Loving Care Event Center W56
That Popcorn Shack Grange W24
The Constance Collection Event Center F99,101
The Jewelry Garden Event Center W50
The Paperdaisy Shop Grange F17
The Pasta Peddler, LLC Event Center F85
The Porcelain Garden Marketplace F1
The Stained Glassery Event Center F40
Thelma L. Hamilton Designs Event Center F7,9
Things in Wood Expo Hall F3
Tommyrotter Distillery Tavern
Tommy’s Jerky Marketplace F9
towellady – Kathy Mizzi Expo Hall F10
Treasures from the Attic Grange W11
Uniquely Crafted Event Center F1,2
Uniue Spice Wreaths Expo Hall F20
Vaughan’s Custom Leather, LLC Grange F14
Victorianbourg Wine Estate Tavern
Victoria’s Designs Expo Hall F23
Vintage Candle Company Expo Hall F2
Vintage Chameleon Event Center F65
Vintage House Soaps Marketplace F13
Watson And Forbes Designs Event Center F54
Wennersten’s Etchings Event Center W3
Whalen’s Horseradish Products Marketplace W10
Whittles & Bits Inc. Event Center W26,27
Wicked Buy Marketplace F5
Wild Mountain Botanicals Event Center W21
Wild Side Photographic Art Expo Hall F5
Wind and Fire Chimes Expo Hall F11 Marketplace W28
Wire to Fire Artisan Jewelry Event Center F13
Write On! Event Center W18,19
Ye Olde TOFFEE Shoppe Marketplace W22,23
Yellow House Scented Simmering Oil Grange W6
Yesteryear Furniture Event Center F146
You & Me Sittin In A Tree Grange W23