Cooper’s Daughter Spirits at Olde York Farm
Booth F98
Bottle Refab (Wicked Buy, LLC.)
Booth F80
Bayside Wood Products, Inc.
Booth F23
M&M 716 Designs
Booth F57
Pottery Plus
Booth W14
Buntastic Hair
Booth F92
Night Light Designs
Booth F66
Moore's Maple
Booth W12
Merritt Estate Winery
Booth W108
Diane McDowell
Booth F34
Ella Rae Bowtique
Booth F35
Bo's Bones Gourmet Organic Dog Biscuits LLC
Booth F64
Karen's Krafts
Booth F42
Mostly Maille
Booth F81
K's Glassy Kreations
Booth F41
Designs by Janik
Booth W10
Custom Photo Mats
Booth F76
Custom Photo Mats
Booth F77
Shane's Forever Files
Booth W16
Doggie Stylz
Booth F49
Hilburger Studios
Booth F56
Simply Sue's
Booth F52
Booth F69
Spices and Mixes by Milly
Booth F50
Spices and Mixes by Milly
Booth F51
Booth F86
Booth F61
Lesley's Personal Touch Crafts
Booth F67
Saint Lawrence Spirits
Booth F87
The Drunkin Candle Shop
Booth F63
Booth F94
Booth F37
Helmuts Strudel
Booth F21
Helmuts Strudel
Booth F44
Back To Classic Designs
Booth F96
Bittersweet Herb Farm
Booth F54
Bittersweet Herb Farm
Booth F55
Victorianbourg Wine Estate
Booth F47
Debs Delights Inc.
Booth W105
KD Custom Boutique
Booth F82
KD Custom Boutique
Booth F83
Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery
Booth F72
Wild Side Photographic Art
Booth F68
Bows and Bands by JC
Booth F40
Dottie's Lemonade
Booth W9
By Ann
Booth F89
Jen's Magnetic Connection
Booth F30
Jen's Magnetic Connection
Booth F31
Black Button Distilling
Booth F58
Braddock Bay Gallery
Booth W5
American Doll Boutique
Booth F39
3 Sisters and a Friend
Booth W7
Crafted Class
Booth F93
Phoenix Fibers
Booth F62
Cobblestone Alpacas
Booth F90
Bob Weaver Art Attack
Booth F32
Spangler Forge
Booth F65
Bullet Jewelry Designs, LLC
Booth F78
Bullet Jewelry Designs, LLC
Booth F79
Christy’s Crafts
Booth F26
Christy’s Crafts
Booth F27
Inside Painted Art
Booth F71
Designs by Darlene
Booth F22
Wood Flowers by Sarah
Booth F70
Booth W18
Teddymuffs Designs
Booth F97
Booth F36
James Christopher Knight
Booth F85
Thousand Islands Winery
Booth F33
LB Designs
Booth F95
Linda's Patchwork
Booth W111
Linda's Patchwork
Booth W112
Sew Pieceful Designs
Booth F43
Creative Images
Booth F38
Gnome Estay
Booth F29
It’s a Bling Thing
Booth W109
Celeste’s Baubles
Booth F53
Oh So Very...
Booth W114
Beads by Susan
Booth F84
SAC Calico Country
Booth F24
SAC Calico Country
Booth F25
Light My Candle Co.
Booth F28
Touch of Alaska
Booth F75
Creations by Heather Whitney
Booth F88