Christmas in the Country

Event Center on the Fairgrounds, Hamburg, NY
Thursday, Nov 2, 10AM- 9PM
Friday, Nov 3, 10AM- 9PM
Saturday, Nov 4, 9AM – 6PM
Sunday, Nov 5, 10AM – 4PM
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Jack Paluh Arts Inc. G227,232

The Art of Jack Paluh

Known for his wildlife images, Jack Paluh, a full time artist of nearly thirty-five years, has found yet another love in landscape paintings.  “I truly enjoy nature and the beauty of the ever changing seasons of the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio area”, states Paluh.   For the last several years, Paluh’s favorite workspace has been outdoors, using the technique of “Plein Air”, painting on location to capture lighting and color.  In this artist’s heart, there is always another painting around the bend.  Often people will ask Paluh which painting is his favorite.  With a smile, he always states, “My next one!”

 Jack Paluh’s art can be viewed on his website of  Or plan a visit to Jack’s studio by simply emailing us at or calling our studio at 814-796-4400 to schedule your visit.  We would be happy to set up a time that fits into your schedule.  You will find our show booth and home studio bursting with great gift ideas including original oil painting (great and small), all size canvas prints, gallery wraps and miniatures along with a great frame line of hickory and cherry that enhance our images.  Bring the outdoors into your home or business with the Art of Jack Paluh with his Art Inspired by Nature.

 Jack Paluh Arts, Inc., 2869 Old Wattsburg Rd., Waterford, PA 16441, 814-7969-4400.  Website:, Email: