How We Can Help You Profit From Our Events.

Each of Premier Promotions’ events is a tradition in the community it serves.  For artisans, that means our patrons anxiously await each event and they come with a purpose—to purchase the finest handmade items from you!

We position our events with originality both in message and optics.  Not only do our patrons discover uniqueness, but the media also recognizes the relevance of our events.  This leads to consistent media coverage over every platform and an ever expanding audience of patrons.

We chart our success through data analysis from patrons and artisans.   We consistently poll both groups so we can continuously improve. We implement innovative marketing strategies with an annual goal of increased attendance.  We analyze artisan sales data in order to better understand buying trends among the public.

Our primary target is women ages 25-54 with a household income of $80000 or more.  Approximately 85% are repeat customers attending our events an average of 8-10 times prior.  In recent years, our demographic has shown significant increases in men ages 35-55, as we work to position our events broadly across every spectrum of hand crafted work.

Possibly the greatest testimonials of our events is exemplified by our artisans travelling from 48 states.  We are proud to say we have hosted artisans from four Canadian provinces, Australia, Germany and Scotland.

The Premier Promotions Distinction

  • We execute an extensive marketing campaign for each event, including television, radio, digital, print and social media components. We choose only top-rated stations in each market and focus on community based newspapers, both digitally and print.  Our social media component includes in-event promotion, creating excitement and participation among patrons during our events.
  • We also incorporate specialty event radio through public address systems. Combining in-event advertising for select artisans along with upbeat easy listening tunes, patron’s senses are surrounded by specific  and targeted messages.
  • At our events, you will find a quick and hassle free check in, allowing you to save time setting up for the event.
  • We provide free marketing and educational seminars for artisans to help maximize sales and stay current with trends.
  • We host a welcome reception for our artisans so you can network with friends, old and new alike.
  • We provide an artisan breakroom with refreshments throughout each day of the event.
  • We can also provide assistance to help with set up and/or take down if needed.
  • In addition to the extensive marketing campaign, we host bus tours from surrounding states, blast specifically timed emails to over 15,000 interested patrons and produce 50,000 flyers for upcoming events provided free of charge to artisans.
  • To ensure our high standards, we maintain a strict jury process so only the best and most qualified artisans are selected to participate in our events.