Finding FUN, engaging ways to develop young student’s analytical and critical thinking skills can be challenging for parents and teachers. “The Jig Is Up”- puzzles with a twist, presents a series of jigsaw puzzles in a variety of styles to engage in all learning styles.

David is a 31-year educator in the New York State School System. David earned a B.S. in History and a Master in Education and School District Leadership from the State University Collage at Buffalo. David has served at all levels in the school system including Superintendent, Principles (High School, Middle School, and Elementary) and 17 years classroom instruction.

Pat is a 37-year veteran in the Computer Science field. Pat earned a B.S. in Information Systems Management from State University Collage at Buffalo and an MBA from the State University at Buffalo. She has held a variety of Computer Science positions including Director of IS, Project Lead, and Programmer. In addition, she has taught Computer Science Courses at several local colleges.

Pat and David teamed up to create THE JIG IS UP?  Jigsaw puzzles, besides being fun, challenge your brain in many ways including developing critical and analytical thinking skills.  The puzzles present a variety of challenges to engage all learning styles while developing STEM skills for future careers. Young and old enjoy the jigsaw brain games.  

THE JIG IS UP? – Jigsaw Brain Games.  Small (72/100 piece) jigsaw puzzles you can complete in one night of FUN!  You need to BUILD the jigsaw puzzle, READ the story and pick up the clues, SOLVE the challenge, and SCAN the QR code for the answer. Variety of challenges for all ages: Who done it, Cryptograms, Super Sleuths, Scrambles, Trivia, Logic Puzzles and more.