Carrie Fertig: Gifts with Meaning
I work in glass and metal in monumental and tiny works of art. I make them to bring joy to your heart and soul and celebrate things I am passionate about: the natural world and all the creatures in it, and wellbeing. Half my family come from western New York. I have lived in Scotland for the past 20 years and love coming to this precious part of my state to see you! I literally live next to a Scottish castle and my studio is a cricket pavilion a two minute walk from my house. I make all the glass here in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and most of the metal I make while I am in the States.

I also work internationally as an artist in performance, video, installation, and more. Many hand made artworks in my booth are components of large European installations or performances. I try to make something for everyone and you will find hand cut one-of-a-kind copper tree toppers, gifts that speak to the soul like my hand hammered gold star ornaments, blown glass pig and bird ornaments, and glass icicles from tiny earrings to massive icicles for your windows (and Christmas tree size too!) Many ornaments come with their history or story on the box.

My work celebrates Christmas, tradition, history, and it is an honor to be part of your Christmas traditions for over 30 years. My online shop is closed while I am in the States so I can’t wait to see you at my only western NY show this year! Look for me in my huge tartan skirts in booth F48 in the Event Center. I love Christmas in the Country and I can’t wait to see you!