Grape Country Candles began as an idea in the year 2000 for my Girl Scout troop. At the time I had 3rd grade girls,  They needed a craft. I bought some wax, melted it down, experimented, and immediately made the candles highly fragrant. I gave some samples to friends and family– they wanted more! I made more, and their friends wanted them- then everybody wanted to buy them because the recipes I created were awesome!  I started right off using high-end ingredients, Soy wax, Beeswax & Cotton Wicks.  About those Girl Scouts? They have all graduated college  have big girl jobs, most are married, and some are even starting families of their own!

I established the business in 2001. Originally, I made the candles in my kitchen. Of course I ruined a lot of pots and pans, not to mention my vent system in my stove. Once I moved into the garage to make the candles, I purchased a huge wax hot water jacket tank. I then created a little candle shop in my home and opened it up to the public one day a week. I started wholesaling my product and that is where it really took off.

I take my products on the road selling at craft shows and festivals and my candles are sold in many local wineries including Liberty VineyardsMerritt Estate Winery & at the Grape Discovery Center in Westfield, NY. I did rent a storefront for a couple of years but that still wasn’t enough, so I built a candle shop on my property next to mine and my Late husband’s grape vineyards, and since 2007 I have been making the candles right here “at home” and selling them right in the store!!!

Grape Country Candles are made with high quality ingredients only. I use SOY Wax and Beeswax and only cotton wicks for the most fragrant candles and a very long burn time! Grape Country candles also uses the maximum amount of fragrance oil! (including essiential oils!)

Marcie Martin