“The Joy of The Lord is My Strength” Nehemiah 8:10

Nestled in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont is the small town of Reading. This rural scenic area provides the creative backdrop for local artist Ellie Tallon who began her own Christmas Ornament business over twenty years ago. An art student in college, Ellie began looking for a home business and an outlet for her creativity shortly after the birth of her second child in 1981. After a short career in retail store display, Ellie decided to develop a specialized craft that she would be able to design and produce in her own home.

Ellie began her business by exhibiting at small local craft shows. Her original creations were made from bread dough. They were large in size and were once deemed affectionately as tree knockers. As a result of these unique designs, Ellie received great encouragement from show attendees for her personal creativity. Although sales were modest in the beginning it was obvious that a successful business had been born. In 1995 a friend introduced Ellie to the new Polymer Clays and her creativity and business really took off. The increase in artistic quality immediately resulted in acceptance into much larger and more prestigious craft shows and also a significant increase in the popularity of her ornaments.

Ellie now attends more than eighteen high-end craft shows, which follow the strict standards for handmade crafts. Each ornament is individually handmade. Ellie is involved in the process from beginning to end, which is evident by the outstanding quality of the product. No pre-cast molds are ever used to make the ornaments. A single ornament can contain as many as 95 individual pieces. Each one represents a complete commitment and dedication to product integrity and excellence.

We hope that you are ready to enjoy the wonderful and whimsical creativity of a very talented artist and crafter as you visit the site. Ellie resides in Vermont with her wonderful husband of over 46 years. The family attends First Congregational Church of Woodstock, Vermont. www.fccw.net