Description of Work

Pamela’s chainmaille and fused silver jewelry is made with primarily Argentium® silver as well as yellow gold filled and rose gold filled metals.  All the metals Pamela uses are nickel-free!

Pamela’s chainmaille weaving begins with hand coiling then cutting precious metal wire into jump rings.  Using a pair of flat nose pliers and a pair of bent chain nose pliers, Pamela opens and closes each jump ring into a specific pattern using the same techniques that blacksmiths used in medieval times to make chainmaille armor for soldiers going into battle.

Pamela’s fused silver jewelry starts with an idea and a sketch.  After laying out pieces of wire and sheet metal, she then uses a butane torch to fuse (meld) the Argentium® silver together.   Pamela tries to incorporate the jump rings from my chainmaille weaving into her fused jewelry.  To finish the design, she may use a hammer to add texture or shape.

Jewelry created from both techniques is tumble polished to gently work harden the metals and to give the jewelry a bright shine.