We are a family business that loves what we do!

Summer Snow Art started in 1995 with Lynn and her oldest daughter Suzi as a small craft business out of Lynn’s home. We started out with our earliest pictures being framed wallpaper crafts. Lynn’s mother even helped out with making the pic

tures. It was hard work but we loved what we were starting. Over the years more of Lynn’s children wanted to join the business to help it grow. Her second oldest daughter Michelle was a stay-at-home mom who helped with assembling pictures (Michelle is now the designer of all our pictures), and her third oldest child Ben joined in helping as well (Ben became the third owner and made the first printed pictures we had). Her husba

nd Tony helped with the business in his spare time when he wasn’t working his regular full-time career. About 12 years into the business, Tony left his corporate job and joined Summer Snow Art to help us grow even more.

Our business continued to grow as our product evolved, and craft shows along with website sales continued to do well. Summer Snow eventually had to move out of Lynn’s basement and garage into our own building 16 years ago where we could have room to grow (and not annoy the neighbors with the noisy manufacturing). Our fami

ly business grew so much from traveling to craft shows across the country along with online product demand, that we had a few more family members join us! Lynn’s sister Julie, Suzi’s husband Dion and Ben’s wife Kelly. We so much love what our little craft business has turned into over the past 24 years. It brings us joy working together and even more joy from the people we’ve been able to touch and connect with through our pictures and travels.

Thank you so much for supporting our family and what we do!

All of our pictures are proudly made in the U.S.A.