“With my artwork, my hope is to transport my viewers into an image which promotes the true essence of nature. My medium is oil on canvas. I paint landscapes that my viewers can relate to: paths through the woods, hidden creeks, scenic rivers, vast skies, wildlife, vistas, waters and a panorama of the changing seasons.  It is an honor to bring these scenes to life on canvas for all to enjoy.”

Visit us at the Jack Paluh Arts’ booth for new and refreshing ideas that are inspired by nature. Our show booth is bursting with a variety of artwork including, original oil paintings, all size canvas prints, gallery wraps, and miniatures, all along with a unique frame line that enhances our images.  From Jack’s original paintings, we produce all our Giclée Canvas prints in our studio. This allows us to print in different sizes to custom fit our patron’s wall space, along with brighten and add color to your home or business.