Collages of Iconic Inventions

By John Pattenden

I have been attending Christmas in the Country for ten years and I’m excited to be returning again this year!

Photography has been my passion since I was a boy and I used to develop both Black & White and Color photographs in my own darkroom. When the “digital darkroom” came along, a whole new set of tools enabled me to push my photographic art to another level. Since leaving corporate life I’ve been able to dedicate my time to honing down my artistic skills and have never enjoyed life more.

About my Prints

Creating these prints is a multi-step process. It starts with researching an invention to establish who were the pioneers and developers. Armed with this knowledge I look for the important patents and then extract key elements from the filing like drawings, claims, signatures etc. Next is the background – these I build in Adobe Creative Suite endeavoring to craft something that is contextual to the invention with an aged/distressed look to it thereby creating a sense of history Finally, I track down an example of the invention and photograph it in my studio. Sometimes I go to museums or collectors to capture the images. Other times I use images of the invention when it was first created. All of these components are brought together in a multi-layered file to create the finished collage. I then print and mat my work.

Great Gifts

These make great gifts for everyone, including yourself!  This is because whatever someone’s passion, or profession, there will be an invention behind it. The range of interests covered by my prints include musical instruments, sports equipment, sewing machine, board games, office equipment, computers, tools, cars, motorcycles the list is almost endless.